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Absolute Rentals provides Tables for rent in numerous styles for your events. Scroll down to see the options you have including Serpentine Style and Corner Tables and even an Adjustable Height Table for maximum flexibility.. Need help deciding? Let us know, that's what we're here for.

Be sure to also ask about linens if those will be required.


Tables by Size and Shape

Round, Rectangular, Serpentine, Large, Medium, Small, Tall...

There are a few things to consider when choosing what type of table to use for your next party. The first consideration is whether to use round or rectangular tables. Let’s discuss the details of you event to consider all of the advantages and disadvantages of your personalized needs.
Round tables- Are the most popular choice for conference centers, banquet halls, wedding venues and catering event seating because they allow all of your guests to view each other creating a warm environment for conversation. The also allow for both simple and complex centerpiece designs. The primary negative of using a round table is if space is of the up most concern as these tables take up more space than their rectangular counter parts. We offer round tables in the following sizes; 36”, 48″,60″ and 72″.
Rectangular tables - Are the most space efficient table you can use at your event. Our rectangular banquet tables are 30″ wide. This type of table does limit centerpieces to not much wider than 5″. These tables are very popular for rustic weddings where a long row is created by joining multiple tables together. They are also often used at craft shows, garage sales and events where you may place chairs behind a table for information or other sales purposes. We offer rectangular tables in the following sizes; 30″x72″ (6 ft.) and 30″x96” (8 ft).

Round Tables

Whether your around a round table at night with family or Knights of the Round Table we have the tables you need. And we'll get them to you when you need them.


60” Round Tables - The 5-foot round folding wood banquet tables are our most popular size. These tables are an ideal solution for conference centers, banquet halls, wedding venues and caterers. This table generally seats 8 – 10 guests.

$8.00 each


72” Round Tables - Our 6-foot round folding wood banquet tables are a great choice where space is not as limited and there is a need for seating 10 guests or have the option to seat 12. These tables are also a preferential choice for conference centers, banquet halls, wedding venues and caterers.

$13.50 each


30" Round Cocktail Table (42" Tall) – A must for parties where fun, finger foods and great conversation exist. Great auxiliary tables for a place for your guests to temporarily rest a drink or to expand space for your extraordinary ordure’s. We can provide linens or spandex to add an elegant touch!

$13.50 each


36” Round Tables (Bistro) - Our 3-foot round tables on center stands and work great for areas where space is small, these table are perfect tables for garden parties or for the children’s table. This table will provide seating for up to 4.

$9.00 each


48” Round Tables - Our 4-foot round folding wood banquet tables are an ideal solution for areas where space is at a premium or you are planning a garden party. This option is also an excellent cake, dessert or sign-in table just to name a few. Seating would average 4 – 6 guests per table.

$9.50 each


Rectangular Tables

Wether feast or fair, these long tables will suit your needs. From the renaissance to the most contemporary setting these tables will have you covered!


6 Ft. Banquet Tables (30” X 72”) – These tables are commonly used for seating guests in tighter environments, such as small banquet halls, backyards, inside homes, etc. The nice thing about rectangular banquet tables is that you can place them end to end, creating a much longer table. Great for indoor or outdoor events or even as a temporary buffet table.

$8.00 each


8 Ft. Banquet Tables (30” X 96”) – They allow for additional people to sit around the table, which ultimately takes up less space. As with the 6 ft. table, they are great for large indoor or outdoor events or even as buffet tables.

$8.50 each


Adjustable Height Rectangular Table

NEW ITEM - 6 Ft. Banquet Tables with Adjustable Legs (30” X 72”) – These tables are the same size as our 6ft. Banquet Tables but have the option that few have to offer to raise this table an additional 2" to 12” to make the table just what you are looking for to become a bar height, ordure’s table or heightened buffet. Many have asked for this and we are here to provide you with this option!

$12.00 each

Serpentine Tables

The Serpentine Table is named for its “winding like a snake shape".


Serpentine Tables allow for many creative uses. Both S Curves and soft corners are possible using these tables. This table is used for unique buffet designs, display setups, greeting table and utilizing unique spaces.  Another fun use for serpentine tables is to use them for Black Jack tables for casino night themed parties.

$15.00 each


8' Banquet Table Bar Top or Buffet Tier Riser - Tiered table top allows for endless possibilities. To use in conjunction with a 8' X 30" Banquet Table this option makes for an elegant two tiered buffet setting or can double as a bar. Includes 8' table.

$18.00 each

Other Table Offerings


30" Cocktail Table Elegant Spandex Cover (available in Black, Ivory or White)

Spandex Cover Rental $13.50 each


30" Cocktail Table covered with Linen.

Please call for specific size preference and color.

And More

Absolute Rentals can help with your next event. Not just tables and chairs but also tents, podiums, a standing bar, dance floors and stages plus more.

And if you don't see what you're looking for, please ask.